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Regional Trains (RER)


Regional Trains (RER)

RER trains from Paris are regional trains that, in addition to reaching nearby places, complement the metro network as they travel through the city center. The meaning of RER is Réseau Express Régional.

The main difference between the RER and the Metro is its range of action. With RER it is possible to reach distant points like CDG, Disneyland Paris or Versailles.



The Paris suburban network is composed by 5 lines, more than 250 stations and almost 600 kilometers of tracks. The lines of the RER are named with letters: A, B, C, D and E. The most interesting from the tourist point of view are the first three.


    RER A: It communicates Disneyland Paris and the center of the city.

    RER B: It communicates CDG Airport and the center of Paris.

    RER C: Reaches the Orly Airport and the Château de Versailles.


Using RER

Although the center of Paris works similar as Metro, there are two differences:

You can choose between standard and Express trains. Express ones do not stop to all stations. Information displays indicate which stations are being stopped.

The same RER line can go to different destinations. It is imperative to look at the platforms screens of the final stop of the line.



The RER schedule depends on the line, see the most popular routes.

RER B, Charles de Gaulle - Gare du Nord: First train 4:56, last train 23:56.

RER B, Gare du Nord - Charles de Gaulle: First train 4:56, last train 00:00.

RER A, Chatelet les Halles - Disneyland: First train 5:19, last train 00:36.

RER A, Disneyland - Chatelet les Halles: First train 5:13, last train 00:20.



RER train fares depend on distance. When you drive through the center of Paris (zone 1), the price is the same as the metro and the tickets are the same. It is possible to make unlimited transshipments between both means of transport during the 90 minutes of validity of the ticket.

If the destination is any location outside Paris city centre, you will need to buy a specific ticket for that area. The machines of the stations allow to enter the desired destination and depending on this, will mark one price or another.

To move around the center of Paris, in addition to a simple ticket (t+) you can also use special passes: daily and weekly passes, Paris Visite and Passe Navigo.


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